The Company

Monochrome, Inc (formerly Monochrome LLC) is an American video game software development company. Founded by Brian “Tatsur0” Comer (President), partnered with Alex “Swolfington” Wright (Vice President) and Lawrence “Aurens” Morrison-Bartlett (Vice President). Released titles include: HeadCount,  Contagion VR: Outbreak, and Contagion in 2013, the spiritual successor to the popular Half Life 2 Modification: Zombie Panic: Source.

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The Team

Monochrome, Inc was originally Founded in 2009 by Brian Comer who is known less for his Industry work and more for his modifications like Zombie Panic! Source, a widely popular Half-Life 2 Modification and the influence behind our current project Contagion a “spiritual successor” and to manys pleasure/displeasure not a sequel. Being both a start-up and made up of developers who know each other well through the modding and industry scene we’re currently running a Virtual Developer Model similar to other successful games (even triple A titles) with the hope that success will bring us closer. This means many of us know each other from our Exhibits or through Skype and so far by no other means.

Brian Comer
Monochrome, Inc. | President & CEO

It all started 24 years ago at the age of 7… Skip ahead to now and we have an enthusiastic, motivated, and eager slave driver who pushes his team but is always there to help carry the weight. He started out a tech nerd, added on the title of modder and later industry developer but still not sated or at least not content with todays library of games. Founded Monochrome, Inc with contacts made up over 15 years. His only real goal is to create challenging yet entertaining games that have players coming back for more. In other words the games he wants to play and crosses his fingers others do too so that he and his team can continue on making them. He currently resides in Kyoto, Japan with his Wife and 3 children.

Alex Wright
Monochrome, Inc. | VP & COO

Many know him as “Swolfington” for his skills as an animator on numerous projects that still use his work many years later due to its quality. Alex has proven himself as one of the hardest working developers we have had the pleasure of knowing. He’s and incredibly talented and has a knack for picking up new techniques as the industry grows. His ability to tackle any new situation thrown at him including leadership roles at our Exhibits and back home have made him our 4th and final Chief Officer. He has been impressing gamers for years and with any luck will continue with the support of his fiancee to do so as we move forward with our springboard title Contagion.

The Contagion Team
Without there would be no Contagion!

Rather than list personal information as this team has grown and shrunk over the years and many deserve a great deal of credit while others were just passing by. Almost every single member has a special place in our hearts for their passion, dedication, loyalty, and brilliance. Contagion is ever evolving into something more and it is our talented team that deserves most of the credit. They are indeed very much like family!