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Project Ageless


An unknown project known to a few that takes the inspiration of 80's horror yet takes place in the familiar modern worlds we've come to expect with the latest titles.

Moving in a new direction this title again attempts to tackle our beloved genres but in a unique style as well as letting the player decide the overall outcome. Many choices must be made throughout the game that will directly impact the ending and with the overall features will likely have you returning to try different styles and combinations that best fit you or just the opposite.

  • - Story driven single-player experience
  • - Not your average horror game as your choices will make a significant impact on the whole
  • - Determine how best to handle the environment and accomplish your goals from a number of choices
  • - Choose to play Stealthily, Aggressive, etc including a mixture of the best perks that fit your style of play
  • - Unpredictable AI and social trees that are completely unscripted but play a vital role each time you play
  • - Unreal 4 Engine is the likely choice and expect a release on Steam and more options for the community

More information will be announced soon!


Released on October 25th, 2013

Eugene and Marcus return in the spiritual successor of the very popular HL2 Modification Zombie Panic: Source!

Contagion is a cooperative survival horror FPS built on the latest Source Engine where players are forced to watch their ammo and aim carefully otherwise be overrun by the zombie hordes. Players will face traditional zombies as well as former teammates who have been turned themselves and now see not friend but fuel to keep the carnage going.

  • - Play alone offline or online with a friend(s) and other players.
  • - You begin your story as a survivor but how long until your taste buds hunger for flesh?
  • - Randomly generated weapon, ammo, and item placement.
  • - Unpredictable and intelligent zombie spawning system that adjusts to the players actions.
  • - A pathing and objective system that has you returning to the same map repeatedly with a fresh feel to it.
  • - Full Steamworks support.

Zombie Panic: Source

Released on Dec 27th, 2007

ZP:S is a co-op oriented Human vs Zombie multiplayer survival horror modification for Half-Life 2.

While our main priority is to make the mod as fun to play as possible, ZP:S greatly expands on the core features of the original mod for Half-Life, with the obvious new features, impressive visuals, and of course atmospheric maps.

More importantly ZP:S does not force players to fend against predictable AI, but instead keep the same intense thrill of surviving against intelligent and persistent player controlled zombies.

Contagion now available on Steam

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