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  • Apr 14

    Contagion Update - Hotfix 2014-04-15

    With the Full Release of Contagion things have been hectic but we've been listening while focusing on our work and today a number of fixes were put out to resolve issues we caught in passing.

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  • Apr 14

    Contagion - Major optimization and more with today's hotfix!

    We had our Full Release on Friday and are still waiting for Valve to fix the listing issue. But with full release we ran into issues that weren't present through testing and many users with low end rigs and those who use to play even below supported min system requirements were dealing with crashes.

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  • Apr 11

    Contagion - Full Release is out! But still running on 25% discount?

    Contagion Full Release is out! But still listed as "Early Access" until Valve fixes it so still 25% off. We hope you enjoy and remember we're not going anywhere!

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  • Apr 8

    Contagion - Now on GameTracker!

    Want to thank the guys at for adding Contagion to their list of games and most of our Official servers are listing their information as we speak.

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Contagion now available on Steam

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