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  • Sep 2

    Contagion - Join us at ZombieFest and meet the Team!

    Join the majority of the team this October 11th, 2014 where we're Sponsoring and running a large Gaming Venue in Downtown Lakeland, Florida for the much anticipated ZombieFest!

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  • Sep 2

    Contagion - Update August 1st :: Biotec, Stone Creek, and more released!

    The much anticipated revival of a favorite ZP:S map "Biotec" is now available in Contagion with a whole new design, features, mechanics, and a splash of nostalgia!

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  • Jul 14

    Contagion: Arrival - Chapter 3 "Break Down" Week 4

    It's been a long time coming but our Official Contagion Comic is back up and running and will again have weekly installments! Here we continue the 3rd Volume/Chapter "Break Down"

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  • Jun 5

    Contagion - Update June 4th :: Crossbow deadlier than ever, Linux Update, and more!

    This weeks update is quite rounded focusing on improvements, fixes, adjustments, and more based off the communities take. Contagion is soon to be leaping and bounding far forward with those rough edges smoothed out and an experience even more unlike any other than it is today.

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