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  • Apr 23

    Contagion - Update April 22nd

    Wanting to fix some large issues and small issues that cropped up in a previous hotfix we went ahead and tossed in proper update with another coming out later this week.

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  • Apr 21

    Official Contagion SDK is out now!

    Actually it was released on Sunday as planned but one of our marketing campaign affiliates used us to host the image on their site for a site takeover and we nearly lost hosting. Upgraded and sorted now!

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  • Apr 18

    Contagion Update - Hotfix 2014-04-17

    Here is our latest hotfix that should resolve a number of issues that popped up recently while we were optimizing the game for many others.

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  • Apr 14

    Contagion Update - Hotfix 2014-04-15

    With the Full Release of Contagion things have been hectic but we've been listening while focusing on our work and today a number of fixes were put out to resolve issues we caught in passing.

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